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The owner, Darwin gave us a price, we agreed and signed an agreement. He did not give us a copy though. When the job was finished, I counted out the large amount of cash, plus the sales tax in cash, exactly as we had previously agreed. Darwin said to me, **I seem to remember the price for the job was $700.00 more than that** I asked, **where is the agreement we signed?**He said, **in my truck and started walking towards the vehicle. He got about fifty feet away** and said **aw, I do not think it is in there, and of course the customer is always right. I guess I have to believe you**; I said, **no, you do not. I will hold this pile of cash until you go find the agreement. I want you to see what we both signed** Darwin would not do it. He then tried to explain he must be mixing up my job with another one. This left a very bad taste in my mouth. I will not hire him again but if you do, get a copy of the agreement. One last thing; when we signed the agreement, Darwin said, **and this figure is plus sales tax** It was not written on the agreement. Make certain that is written out as well.