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Top 3 Common Tree Problems

We often don’t think about the trees on our property until there is a problem. It’s important to address common tree problems quickly to prevent further damage and keep your property safe. While you can’t prevent all tree issues, you can avoid many tree problems by scheduling regular maintenance.

Common tree problems

Here are the 3 most common tree problems and what you should do about them.

The Tree is about to Fall or Has Already Fallen Down

It’s common after bad storms with heavy winds and lightning to damage trees and create a falling hazard. Storms may cause branches or limbs to crack or fall, but they can also cause enough damage that parts of a tree or the entire tree are in danger of falling down.

Trees can also fall without being damaged by a storm. Poor soil conditions, flooding, old age, disease, rotten roots, and hollow spots in the trunk, among many other things can cause a tree to fall.

If you notice your tree is in danger of falling, call professional tree services as soon as possible to prevent damage to your home, vehicles, and property. If the tree has already fallen, you still want to call professionals to quickly and properly dispose of the tree.

Trees are Touching Power Lines

Leaves, twigs, and branches that touch or even grow through power lines are serious fire hazards and should be addressed immediately. If a branch is touching a high-voltage power line, electricity from the power line can cause the branch to catch fire and potentially spread to trees and houses nearby.

Do not attempt to trim trees touching power lines yourself. You are putting yourself, your neighbors, and your property at risk. Always call a professional tree service.

Branches and tree limbs close to power lines can also fall on the lines causing power outages and a great deal of inconvenience.

Overgrown or Unhealthy Trees

If you don’t regularly trim and prune your trees, at some point they will become overgrown, or even unhealthy. Overgrown trees look unkempt and create ideal conditions for insects, pests, and diseases to thrive because the dense tree crown prevents sunlight and air from reaching the inner branches.

On average trees should be pruned every 2-5 years, depending on the type of tree. Young trees should be trimmed every 2-3 years, while mature trees can be trimmed every 3-5 years. This will help them to stay healthy and keep an attractive shape.

Call the Experts

Tree maintenance and solving tree problems should always be dealt with by tree service professionals. Tree maintenance is dangerous to do on your own and requires special equipment. You can also damage the tree or your surrounding property.

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